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All Songs Teddy and The Outlaw
Taste for something new
#100 in Blues SongVault Certified
Taste for something new
Teddy and The Outlaw
Acoustic Blues
Length: 2:33
On Network Since Apr 9, 2009
The Trail
SongVault Certified Artist The Trail

Hemel Hempstead
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Acoustic Blues / Folk Rock

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'The Trail' is an alternative acoustic/folk/rock band made up of two men, Tom Hunt and Jake Munn. They use nothing but a couple of guitars, vocals and an eclectic range of influences to create a distinct and exciting sound. After originally pairing up to combine their solo material on an EP, the project soon took on a bigger life than they’d expected. They now look forward to taking their music to new audiences, sharing the stage with more great bands and releasing their debut album soon.
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