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The Tillers
The Tillers

Ohio, United States

Folk / Americana

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The Tillers came into being while busking for nickels, dimes and burritos in the gaslight Clifton district of Cincinnati. In August 2007, Westside comrades Mike Oberst and Sean Geil united their fondness for thumping out old-timey folk and street-style blues. With Oberst on banjo, Geil on guitar, and soon finding a bassist in Jason Soudrette, the trio plunged into the Cincinnati pub scene, serving a concoction of old-time traditionals, labor standards, and some less typical songs of the people's perspective.

The band is both traditional and progressive. They resurrect songs of America's past, touching on themes both historical and timeless. The dusty songs of dead generations take new life and energy before spry young audiences. Clawhammer banjo, accoustic guitar, and wooden upright bass meet high mountain harmonies that belt and croon, lament and rejoice. Stories of work and struggle are revived and rekindled. Country blues classics meet new, less known ballads while we all stomp and sing along.

The Tillers keep busy in Northside's renowned bars and musical establishments, as well as festivals, private events and labor functions. They can be found in the Northside Tavern on the last Sunday of each month, and frequently at the Gypsy Hut, The Comet Bar, and the famous Crow's Nest in Price Hill. They love to play, and are open for hire. You can expect to hear more from them!
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