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The Sibtet
The Sibtet

NS, Canada

Choral / Easy Listening

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The Ernst Sibtet is here to prove that siblings actually can work together, and in quite amazing ways too! For the past eight years, the six members of the Sibtet have wowed audiences around the Maritimes, Ontario, and the eastern USA as members of the Ernst Family Singers, one of Nova Scotia’s most accomplished family groups. Now, they recombine their voices to offer you a wonderful selection of Renaissance, classical, folk, and light pop a cappella music sure to please your ears and warm your heart.

These siblings share a genetic heritage that lets them achieve a superb blend and it’s been a natural development for them to branch out on their own from the larger family ensemble, interpreting a wide range of sextet music with technical skill and youthful joie de vivre. This is a group that really enjoys working and performing together and it shows!

Music is not something that the Ernsts set out to do. When they started singing together eight years ago, they viewed music as a pleasurable hobby. However, audience response soon convinced them that it should be more than that. Their concerts have been dubbed “sheer pleasure” and “something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives” by audience members.

The six members of the Sibtet range in age from tenor Joshua at 22 to alto Eva at 14, and have been singing together with their family since Joshua was only 15 and Eva 7. The group also includes soprano Marja (21), tenor John (20), baritone Peter (17) and bass Elijah (16).
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