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The River Raid
The River Raid

pernambuco, Brazil

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Recife, Brazil 1996 – Five high school students challenge the music trend and start a rock band. Their music is influenced by The Stooges, Violent Femmes, Radiohead and other Brazilian artist from the sixties and seventies. They rapidly gain media attention after winning first place at a national band challenge hosted by MTV with the song 2030. The World 2007 – After a couple of years dedicated to other music endeavors, the members of The River Raid got together once again to write and release their official first self title debut album, The River Raid. The album is a sample of the different stages of their song writing and influences creating a powerful sound backed up by three guitars. They immediately get noticed by specialized media earning them great reviews among Brazil’s music critics, bloggers and magazines such as Rolling Stone, who placed them in the “Editors Hot List of the Month” with the song Nao Caio Mais No Q Vc Diz (Don’t fall for what you say anymore). A new experience came about the suggestion of the producer Felipe Tichauer, which was to write some material in English, believing that the band had potential outside Brazil. So after a promotional tour in their native country, they get invited to play at the Atlantis Music Conference (Atlanta, Georgia), a breeding ground for new artist. The group consist of Toni (vocals/ guitar), Praga (vocals/ guitar), Giba (guitars/ moog), Dudu (bass) and Leo (drums/ sampler). The album was produced by engineer Felipe Tichauer (Christina Aguilera/ Mew), co-produced by William P and Leo D and mastered by Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound).
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