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The Rhythms of YAH
The Rhythms of YAH

New York, United States

Spiritual / Healing

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The Rhythms of YAH consists of four brothers who play music to the Creator of the universe. Located in Brooklyn New York. These talented brothers have a sound of their own, called Combo. They combined various types of music to create their own particular sound. Like jazz, R&b, reggae, all put together in their own unique slyle.The lead singer is Moshay Lewi, lead vocals/Keyboard. Toviyah Lewi, background vocals/ trumpet. Amram Lewi, bass guitar/ background vocals...and Shemuel Yehudah, on percussion. The Rhythms of YAH were former members of the renowned hashabah drummers from 1974 to 1980. Known for their drumming and Rhythms....they decided to come out of retirement, and start another chapter in their life by forming the R.O.Y.....Today they are many Israelite percussionist groups who have followed in their footsteps. They have left a legacy, and now they are back on the stage again...."So Don't miss a beat," and don't you sleep, on these brothers....because they're even better, with age.
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