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The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet
The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet

Florida, United States

Christian Urban / R&B / Gospel

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Three Men, Three Styles, ONE MESSAGE!
Norris Gurganious, Raphael Ashanti & Rodney
'Doc C' Goldsmith make up: The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet.

The moment you think they're a group is the same moment their individualities take over. Their vocal diversity combined with dramatic presentation set them apart from other Artists.

With songs such as "You've Got A Friend, Make Me Your Instrument, Take Me To The Water, Good Days, Body & Soul, The Rain, and So Many Tears. The group takes you on a journey of faith, hope, personal testimony, and ultimate salvation. Through their music one achieves a true to life sense of inspiration that's sure to leave you emotionally charged but in a cool, calm and collective sort of way.

Norris is the traditional gospel singer of the group with obvious contemporary experience, while Raphael is more contemporary gospel with a traditional background. 'Doc C' is poetry in motion with a skill that flows like ancient rivers
Norris (AKA THE PRIEST) was highlighted in the May/June 2003 issue of Gospel Today Magazine. "My personal desire now, is to position myself as a national even international recording artist."I believe sincerely in my heart that God has prepared me for such a time as this, I am a voice crying in the wilderness seeking to go throughout the earth, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, this is my mission."

Raphael (AKA THE PROPHET) is not a stranger to Gospel music; He is a visionary, songwriter and vocalist armed with a music business degree. He is also the President and CEO of DayStar*Music Group, INC. He is a lifetime member of the International Playmakers Association and the Florida A&M Playmakers Guild (Phantom 8). He currently sits on the board as Vice President of The Gospel Songwriter's Workshop based in Pensacola, Florida. With a quick smile and a pleasing personality, Raphael can find the humorous side to any situation. He knows good talent when he hears it and knows how to promote and market it. His goal is to spread the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ by writing, producing, promoting, marketing and distributing the best gospel music he can. His favorite quote by an unknown source is "When you're down to nothing, God is up to something."

Rodney 'Doc C' Goldsmith (AKA THE POET) is a movie scriptwriter, songwriter and producer extraordinaire. 'Doc C' (The Devils Only Concern is Christ) once found himself in a secular world that had sucked him in. He now wears the pseudonym because, as he says, it reminds him that Jesus is "Lord of Lords and King of Kings." 'Doc C' abandoned his own studio and signed with DayStar in January 2002. He quickly proved his skills as a poet/rapper, songwriter and producer. "When Raphael explained to me what the DayStar*Music Group was all about and I read the foundation of DayStar*, I knew I had come full circle and stepped back into the path that God had predestined for me since the beginning of time. I am where I am supposed to be right now."

Apart, they each have unique talents to offer, or they can give you "the whole enchilada" at the same time

Enough said, experience it for yourself.


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