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Hurry Up and Die
#641 in Rock SongVault Certified
Hurry Up and Die
The Vindicator LP
Garage Rock
Length: 3:35
On Network Since Sep 17, 2007
The Populars
SongVault Certified Artist The Populars

Ontario, Canada

Garage Rock

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THE POPULARS carry the torch of great power-trios passed on by THE POLICE, NOMEANSNO, HUSKER DU, THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, ETC... Set to release 'the vindicator LP', THE POPULARS have spent the 3 years since parting ways with seminal roots-rocker MIKE PLUME developing their truly original style of rock and roll. 'the vindicator LP' marks the first chapter of a story too strange to believe. From living in Nashville-touring North America and Europe constantly, to having only a van and the conviction to continue as career musicians, the populars moved to Prescott,ON. A quiet small town on the shore of the St. Lawrence river. Back to their homeland with a back yard view of the dream they had to leave behind. In an area historically known for Canada's great battles for independence, the band prepared to make their stand-as their own nation under their own flag. Produced by Thomas Ryder Payne, 'the vindicator LP' is the record that the pops have dreamed of making since childhood. The album blends the many influences of the band in a way that one could expect from only the populars. A rock album like no other- 'the vindicator LP', sounds as sci-fi as it does lo-fi. Drenched in furious guitar, spine-tingling feedback, synth pads and digital noise, the album is inexplicably riddled with hooks and melody-and showcases a young band full of veterans. Three career musicans defining and refining their talents and sound. A true record of the three years spent in Prescott, 'the vindicator LP' was recorded primarily in the basement of the pops' house. In a spasm of creativity, the pops defined their band, their sound and their lives in a 12 song volume.
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