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The Poggs
The Poggs

Arkansas, United States

Indie Rock

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Classic recordings of Otis Redding and Ray Charles taught front man Will Brand how to sing; a deep admiration for Pink Floyd and heavy metal influenced the melodic yet slashing sound of lead guitarist Jim Goza. Together, these two seemingly different styles have collaborated to create one of the more unique and celebrated sounds circulating Fayetteville AR. The addition of Justus Moll and Tyler W. Jones in 2007 brought a rhythm section comfortable within any genre and ultimately created the high-spirited, over-loaded rock party that is The Poggs. After finishing their introductory self-titled album, recorded in an over-sized closet of Will's Fayetteville home, members of The Poggs have grown more excited as they have been able to "look into the mirror" and witness what fans in the Fayetteville area have been hailing for years. As one member said, "We really didn't know what we had until we had a chance to hear it, now we want to show it to everybody like, 'Look what I got!'" Now that the album is completed, The Poggs' new goal is to shock audiences with their energetic live shows and to create an image of being "better live." If they succeed in doing this, I suggest everyone get a copy of The Poggs, live with it for a couple of days and then find a show. You may want to sit down for this, but I doubt you will.
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