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Candy Jar
#53 in Blues SongVault Certified
Candy Jar
Idle Hands-EP
Electric Blues
Length: 3:37
On Network Since Oct 12, 2009
the phil davis band
SongVault Certified Artist the phil davis band

Royse City
Texas, United States

Electric Blues / Rock & Roll

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The Phil Davis Band is an anything goes musical experience. The group hails from Royse City Texas just east of Dallas and has become known for their no holds barred live show.

The group signed with Pint of Happiness Records early 2010 and has been promoting their EP "Idle Hands". With their first full length disc titled "Valkyrie" on the horizon, the group is already previewing tracks live to very satisfied crowds.

The guys hail from bands like Blast from the past, 205 South, and Exit. All veterans of the DFW music scene, they have made it their mission to engage and make their audience a part of the show and most importantly, a part of the band.
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