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The Paul Beebe Band
The Paul Beebe Band

Arizona, United States

Alternative / Ska

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The Paul Beebe Band charges out of Arizona playing a style of post-rock that mixes reggae, flamenco, blues, and hip-hop into a visionary style. The music has been called “a crazy sound” – Hiding in Public, a band from London, “A hot cup of friendly rap to drink” – KIAC Internet Radio, The Vacation Station, and a fan wrote “I love the Music its soo sound, keep making more good stuff so I can keep coming to your site to listin to it all!!!”

Currently, The Paul Beebe Band is promoting the current release of a new record The Ragaman Roll: Love and Death.

The Paul Beebe Band is the creation of Paul Beebe, a self-taught musician who has played in reggae, alternative, and jazz bands, as well as winning awards for classical composition. His love for all styles of music carries over into the mix with a skillfully crafted blend of genres that seem to have always co-existed. This is the second album from The Paul Beebe Band, after the debut of These Things in February 2006. Paul Beebe is a prolific writer and is known as a “mad scientist” or “magician” by many friends and allies that know and work with him. He also records and writes music for many other Arizona bands and solo artists as well.

The Ragaman Roll: Love and Death has been described as “a killer CD” by another Paul Beebe Band fan and is well worth a listen to. It can be purchased at,, and the songs can be individually downloaded from iTunes and many other digital distribution sources. Other events, pictures, and additional information can be found at
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