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The Passing
The Passing

Red Bank
New Jersey, United States

Alternative / Electronic

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Both Alt rock and Electronica fans will love the lyrical poetry that is sewn into the stitches of this experimental music experience that is Peter Lisowsky’s The Passing.

Peter, former guitar player for the Asbury Park, NJ based band Burrow, creates unique fusion of musical ecstasy with a mix of live guitars, both acoustic and electric, wrapped around electronic beats, scorching synths, and explosive vocals in his latest project. With the combination of live vocals and a synthesized voice box, an inimitable world of passion is created and opens the door into his tragic year of loss that inspired this project. The listener is drawn in by a mix of searing choruses that follow a gyrating techno verse, only to result in a grand piano outro.

Nothing is Static is the debut EP from The Passing and is on Peter’s independent label Too Many Sheep Records which is based out of Red Bank, New Jersey. The Nothing Is Static EP exhibits a one of a kind blend of searing vocals and pounding kick drum on songs like Drip Down and Playing the Victim, both of which break new ground in the experimental genre.

The debut EP called "Nothing Is Static" was released by CDBABY on March 8th, 2007 and can be purchased here:
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