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The Nichols Family Gospel Hour
The Nichols Family Gospel Hour

Texas, United States

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A band of no genre. The soundtrack to a movie that was never made.

The Nichols Family Gospel Hour are a band that belongs in no certain genre of music. With styles of Acoustic, Metal, Blues, Rock & Classical mixed with a depressing, bleak atmosphere. The band purposely strayed away from things that would label them a certain category/genre of music.

"We wanted to do something that we'd never heard before. We are fans of so many styles of music and bands..I love melodic instrumental acoustic stuff with violins and cellos. And as a musician, Stevie Ray, Iommi and Dime are idols..But bands like Antimatter or Anathema are what really moves my soul so I guess that's a part of my inspiration too." says Darren Nichols, the guitarist/songwriter of the band.

The band consists of 2 brothers, David & Darren Nichols. Their latest self titled album has just been digitally released on their myspace page and will be released worldwide on CD & iTunes on November 27th. An album that features 12 tracks (1 Hour) of instrumental-spoken word music which over 20 instruments were used on.
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