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Too Late
#198 in Rock SongVault Certified
Too Late
The New Sol
Length: 5:00
On Network Since May 21, 2008
The New Sol
SongVault Certified Artist The New Sol

North Bay
California, United States

Rock / Soul

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"Where passion meets expression, imagination meets melody, and descent meets liberation, that is where you will find The New Sol embodying the way."

Based out of Californiaís North Bay, The New Sol is an ignited force filled with the uncompromising musicianship, seamless song-writing, and authentic soul of singer-songwriter Kehau, keyboardist, Tim Haggerty, guitarist Tom Yanes, drummer Stephen Traversi, and bassist, Stephen Schulte. Flawlessly weaving the different strengths and stylistic backgrounds that each member brings, The New Sol creates a rich, fluid sound that blends the lines of rock, pop, jazz, funk and soul.

The bandís rise has been the result of hard work and sheer perseverance since former solo artist Kehau and Haggerty joined together to form the group. Calling on good friend Tom Yanes to climb aboard, the three mates searched until they found their counterparts in the "Stephens", Traversi and Schulte.

The musical energy of The New Sol is fueled by the excited chemistry between the members and the tangible charisma of their front-woman, Kehau. Always captivating and engaging, The New Sol consistently delivers the goods every time!
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