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The Mother Tongue Band
SongVault Certified Artist The Mother Tongue Band

British Columbia, Canada

Indie Rock / Jam Bands

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The Mother Tongue Band has been a part of human history since the year 2009. It features four gentlemen that wear puffy shirts and play expensive instruments. In order to play their songs, as the band says, “they play music, all at the same time, using different instruments”.

The Mother Tongue Band is what happened when Tristan Armstrong (guitar), Phil Alberts (Bass), Nathan McKay (Keys), and Alan Cameron (drums) got together, after having realized that they should have done this years ago. All these guys are talented in many ways but here is where their skills in music really shine; these musicians are true performers and jaw dropping ones at that.

From multi-harmony indie rock tunes to southern rock anthems with a heavy dose of jam in the middle, the Mother Tongue band is, in the words of Gordie Johnson (Grady, Big Sugar),“Bad ass with harmonies that sound like the Beatles”.

They are young, yes, but none of these guys are new to music. Between them, they have played in numerous bands and shared the stage with the likes of the Wailing Wailers, Dave Holland, Ingrid Jensen, and many more. These guys have recorded on albums for major record label recording artists and been feature performers in everything from jazz big bands to down n’ dirty hard rocking bar bands. As a result, The Mother Tongue Band’s music shows influences from rock to reggae, from country to jazz!!!!

When you perform music from the soul, authentic music, it might not make you famous overnight but your fans will be just as true to you as you are to the music!!!! This is just what The Mother Tongue Band is all about and their legion of fans is solid proof.

Currently, the Mother Tongue Band have an EP available from their web page and from the side of the stage at shows. They are preparing their first LP that will be released in stores and via digital distribution in the coming year.

For Management & Booking please contact:

Aaron Bethune
1 (250) 754 5051
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