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The Morning Code
The Morning Code

New York
New York, United States

Modern Rock / Indie Rock

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The Morning Code is an modern alternative rock band from New York City.

The Morning Code formed in the early 2007, shortly after singer and songwriter Ashwin Alexander completed independently recording Superhero Complex. With sounds that recalled greats such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead, as well as modern rock innovators like Coldplay and Muse, Alexander immediately sought out a group of musicians that could create a heart stopping and powerful live experience.

The members of The Morning Code are brought together by a love of emotive melodies, deep textures, and layered arrangements. They live by the saying that "music is meant to be heard live", and commit to providing the most emotional and compelling live experience possible. Their musicianship and hard work carries them to making this a reality. They admire bands that go beyond their recordings to give an undeniable experience to the audience and they seek to do the same every time they take the stage.
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