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California, United States

Hard Rock / Punk

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Whats up,we are L-R-A & we are out of Fresno Ca. L-R-A formerly started as a band called second wind. With original members,Troy Dudley,Andrew Martinez,& Brad O, Heffernan. They then picked up a guitar player they had met from a Guitar center add Brad had posted. His name Johan ,coming out of L.A. who came to live in Fresno too. It was then at one of there practices a guy by the name of Charles Hevener,but most people know him as "Bones"grabbed the mic and spit out some lyrics and the hardcore birth of L-R-A,was conceived. L-R-A's music is fast, hardcore punk with an old school style but very much up to the present date as heard in the tones and words.The lyrics are very much influenced by the corruption of the prison system and parole, government corruption, drug abuse, and of course the life of being hardcore or just a mellow punk, that must live in a world where we are constantly judged, abused,raised in dis functional families and have friends & family who pass on way to soon. It sounds depressing but actually its just life, and this is one therapeutic way we have learned to deal with which actually makes us and will make you feel not alone. We are just 4 normal guys who have all been through some sh*** just like you, who don't think there better then the next person, don't think there rock stars, but just like the truth to be heard, wanna keep hardcore punk alive, wanna play loud hard and fast, and wanna put a smile on someones face anywhere there music can be heard. We do promote people hearing the truth and playing it loud as f***! please email us we'd love to hear from you and you're response, and also if you play in a band and wanna play a show with us let us know. Hope you like our music and if you don't, SORRY!!!Thank you, L.R.A......................................... Thanks to Peter Wolf for recording our Givin' Em Hell CD.
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