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The Golden Pastime
The Golden Pastime

California, United States

Indie Rock / Experimental

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“The Golden Pastime” is a body instrumental work written, performed and recorded by Andrew A. Peterson. Since Andrew A. Peterson is also a visual artist, his original intention for the project was to make music ideal for listening to while painting, drawing etc.

The Golden Pastime music slips in and out of various genres, cliches and conventions ranging from trip-hop, industrial and metal to classic rock, minimalism, dance music, classical and ethnic musics. Like some minimalist composers, The Golden Pastime often utilizes memory and psycho-acoustic techniques as well as “lopsided” and unusual rhythms. The Golden Pastime also incorporates a wide variety of instruments into the pieces, acoustic, electric and electronic, both conventional and unconventional.

The Golden Pastime has been classified as “ambient” “psychedelic” “avant-garde” “electronica” “post-rock” and more.

Some of the early works from The Golden Pastime were specially adapted for use in the score to the critically acclaimed independent film, “Four Eyed Monsters.”
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