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The Flammable Mammals
The Flammable Mammals

Minnesota, United States

Rock & Roll / Electric Blues

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The Flammable Mammals have amassed quite a following on the internet as one of the hottest and ecletic "alternative/blues/rock/folk" bands on the net.

They have had over 1 million song plays and downloads on the internet.

Their presence is felt on many sites scattered throughout the internet. Flammable Mammal tunes have released several CDs and have been featured on many compilation CDs benifiting numerous causes and they are not afraid to let people know where they stand. They have done benefits with Ceasar Chavez for the migrant farm workers as well as Food Not Bombs, Greenpeace, Earth First, Musicians for Peace and many other environmental causes. They have also played at many clubs and festivals including the Whole Earth Festival and the Sierra Music Festival in northern California.
The Musicians Registry says: Modern alternative/blues rock band that leans to social commentary. There are very few love songs. An eclectic mix of folk rock, straight rock and roll, blues rock with sociopolitical overtones.
Press reviews: VALLEY MUSIC NEWS - A no nonsense approach to arrangements that do the job and get out fast the way pop music should. They have an affinity for the singles bands of the sixties. GAJOOB MAGAZINE - The Flammable Mammals are rock and roll animals! SACRAMENTO UNION - I haven't talked to anyone who can't relate to at least one of their songs. ROLLINGSTONE MAGAZINE - (Easter on Easter Island)I know there's lots of drinking and partying and what else does a good rock and roll song need.
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