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The Escape Frame
The Escape Frame

Alabama, United States

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The Escape Frame was formed in November of 2005 with two members, Dustin Phillips and Chris Harvey. They found a house, moved in, and collectively assembled a studio with the persuit of one objective- to create beautiful music one could get lost in. With an open road of direction to take, bright and intricate music was arranged, layered by colorful vocal melodies and harmonies to compliment. As the songs were shaped to life, they realized the world needed to hear this wonderful creation. With the help of other great musicians they were able to form an entire band that captured the unique sound of their recording, started performing live, and attracted label attention immediately. By 2007, a contract was offered from Immortal Records. A record was recorded over five weeks throughout January and February of '07 at the Jackalope Studio in Montgomery, AL. The twelve song full length was engineered and recorded by Andy Jackson, singer of Hot Rod Circuit. Half of the record was mixed by Andy and the band at the studio, the rest by Tim O'heir (who has worked on many amazing records before from bands such as All American Rejects, Say Anything, and The Starting Line). The label quickly began promoting and exposing this original rock sound, bringing a considerable amount of attention to the band. Media plays, website hits, and the fan base quickly began to explode with the interest of those desiring to listen to this influencial indie/dance feeling the band artistically produced. A full length album was recorded over the course of five weeks, starting in the middle of January 2007, designed for a fall release of that year. However, before the record could make it to the shelves, the band signed with another label, End Sounds. The digital release date is set for July 8th 2008. The hard copy of the album will be found at the 2008 Vans'Warped Tour and will be released nationally in the Fall of 2008. The band is now proud to have added their current members to the lineup in the Spring of 2008, bringing new energy to the project. This one of a kind band has since been offered many new opportunities, giving them the essentials to express to the music scene this beautiful diversity known as The Escape Frame.
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