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The Endless...
The Endless...

Virginia, United States

Heavy Metal / Hard Rock

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Virginia - Year: 2006 - This is a story of friends. From a small town in southwest Virgina, this group has now ascended to play alongside bands like Mudvayne, Nonpoint, (hed)PE, In This Moment, The Autumn Offering, and Straight Line Stitch. The fans have loved them.

Jeremy Counts, Blake Stanley and Stephen Marney who used to jam together in high school. Back in those days they never had a fully assembled band, so they sought out help from Jeremy's brother, Zack Counts, as a vocalist and began their infamous journey. Jeremy had taken on the songwriting project, where he wrote two favorites, "Diablo" and "Last Goodbye".

Jeremy Counts (guitar), Blake Stanley (drummer), Stephen Marney (Bassist) and vocalist, Zack Counts, now formed the group, "The Endless...". They are currently recording their new album.

Their new single, "Winter Rose" was drunkenly written by their bassist Marney. The song is about a warrior overthrowing a king based on a novel by George R. R. Martin.

The music style of The Endless... is heavy metal. It is fast paced and gives you a true representation of what this group is all about. Deep, deep vocals, heavy bass, and heavy drums - very much reminiscent of past heavy metal groups like Metallica. But their sound is truly their own. It's about time we resurrect heavy metal music to the way it once was.

This is The Endless...'s first LP. It will be released digitally for your listening pleasure. You need to listen to this one, even if you are not particularly a heavy metal fan. They bring up old sounds from the 90's that we all miss. Bravo to The Endless... for not letting heavy metal slip away.

If you want to know more about The Endless..., please go to or visit
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