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Give me a gun
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Give me a gun
Caught in the cycle
Length: 4:29
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Length: 4:16
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Length: 4:54
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The Bittersoundfase
SongVault Certified Artist The Bittersoundfase

Vancouver, Portland, Seattle
Washington, United States

Rock / Alternative

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Album description:
The Bittersoundfase (Paranormal)! The new 2013 follow up release to the 2009 Release (Caught In The Cycle) and the 2002 release, (Disappointed audiofaze)! A collection of Mellow, yet semi heavy hitting, electronic, versatile Pop & Hard Rock sounds, all
rolled into one!
Whatever your listening pleasures may be, The Bittersoundfase delivers a combination of both quirky and dramatization to the table. From the latest 2013 Album # 3 release (Paranormal) Featuring tracks like (Donut & Coffee) and (Remember) as well as the 2009 album release (caught in the cycle), featuring (Give me a gun), (Wouldn't you say), (Contagious), and (Caught in the cycle) which ended up getting an estimated 10 to 20,000 spins internationally on various different internet, college and even some commercial radio stations throughout the world. Before that the quirky 2002 album release (disappointed audiofaze), featuring (Fly in a room), (Why i pretend), and (The Police) cover song (SOS Message in a bottle), had made it to the top ten on which also played a significant role in CD sales into the thousands. Singer & songwriter, Rick Freimuth along with Bassist, Steve Gajdos and Lead Guitarist, Alex Beuhner and Drummer, Darrell Grey are continuing to create a powerful yet unique edge to the music scene. After a 3-5 year hiatus due to a mysterious vertigo illness, Rick Freimuth continues to write and produce most of the music, along with the new line-up. The Bittersoundfase was originally formed in the summer of 1999 by ex-Silent Opera drummer and lyricist, Rick Freimuth. The Bittersoundfase was really more like a solo project in the beginning. RF has always composed and produced most if not all of the bittersoundfase's music, lyrics, artwork, and videos. (Paranormal) is now been making it's way across the world on various internet, commercial and college radio stations and the band is now starting to get out and play more and more live shows all the time and now with new release (Paranormal) the band will surely receive more & more commercial success as they continue forward in time.

Last updated 9/5/2013

The Bittersoundfase (is): RF (aka) Rick Freimuth / Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Piano & Additional Drums.

Alex Beuhner / Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals

Steve Gajdos / Bass Guitars, Chapman Stick & Backing Vocals

Darrell Grey / Drums & Percussion

The Bittersoundfase sounds like a unique combination of Narrative, Attractive, Mellow yet Heavy hitting Sound waves to the ears. Mellow, Heavy, Electronic, Drama, Comical and Quirky. No two tracks ever sound alike. every song from this artist has a different sound to it.

The Bittersoundfase ---- Definition;
One or more persons no longer enjoying what they are currently listening to. Assembly line cloned music that
sounds almost exactly like last months politically based assembly line clone band is starting to give me
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