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The Band V
The Band V

Pennsylvania, United States

Modern Rock / Adult Alternative

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So here they are...4 musicians that have come together to express themselves musically, lyrically and uniquely.

In the pursuit of a name that perfectly represents who they are and what they believe in, a simple symbol was decided on....V

The Band V is the collective effort of singer / songwriter Vin Colella, guitarist Dan Lerro, keyboardist Bob Stanfield and drummer Alan Hoke.

Haunting and pop hook melody driven songs, explosive live performances and a no frills attitude are just a few of the reasons that The Band V is fast becoming a memorable name in the music world.

Now, The Band V has been taken under the wings of production and engineering legends; Wayne C Davis (Breaking Benjamin's "We're Not Alone", My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Candiria), Shelly Yakus (John Lennon, U2, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, The Ramones and many others) and formerly managed by the legendary Artie Kornfeld (creator of Woodstock, former VP of 3 major labels with over 120 platinum development projects to his credit and responsible for such acts as Blondie, Sarah Mclachlan, Sheryl Crow, Journey, Jack Johnson, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd and countless other artists) and continues to grow and grow in popularity.

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