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Say Ooh!
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Say Ooh!
Tha Block
HipHop / Rap
Length: 5:32
On Network Since Sep 29, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist THA OUTFIT

Illinois, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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In this controversial world of “Hip Hop” you might think adding two new comers to the game is far fetched, but the two Chicago natives—21 year
old Duane Sharp, AKA Wild 100’z and 22 year old Brian Hamilton, AKA Big Gwak of “Tha Outfit” are something special. Not only are they very
distinctive and versatile, but their deliveries are phenomenal. The level of skill, as well as entertainment “Tha Outfit” possesses well
exceeds their young age and inexperience.

Wild 100’z and Big Gwak grew up in one of the roughest area's of the city known as the Wild Hundreds. The two artist first met in 1996 at
Roosevelt Elementary School and later in 2003 at Thornton Township High School where the two became close friends after realizing they shared
the same passion for Hip Hop music. The two soon began to feature on each others projects. They shortly found their chemistry with each
other and in 2004 “Tha Outfit” was formed.

After drawing the attention from the likes of Percy Miller, AKA Master P, Usher and Us Records “Tha Outfit” decided that it was time for the world to hear their sound and they began working on mix tapes and albums which sold thousands of copies on the South, East and West side of city. Soon after they began to do shows, including opening up for Bow Wow at “The Rink” on the city’s South side. Tha Outfit began to set
the tone for the underground rap scene in the city of Chicago and began to build a city-wide fan base.

Tha Outfit also managed to receive radio play and on air interviews at one of Chicago’s most powerful urban radio stations “Power 92.3”.
Earning themselves the Chicago spotlight sponsored by “Miller Genuine Draft” to gaining rotation on the Chicago Power Hour. Tha Outfit along with their in house producers at “Kunstructive Ent.” began to separate
themselves from other local and major Hip Hop artist representing the Chicago Hip Hop scene in a way that has never been seen or done

In 2007, they began recording their self titled album “Tha Outfit” which is a masterpiece and a true example of greatness. Local Hip Hop artist
from Chicago are merely what Big Gwak and Wild 100’z are born to be. Tha Outfit is the future, as well as the face of a new Hip Hop generation.
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