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Terrell Slaughter
Terrell Slaughter

Gibson City
Illinois, United States

Urban / Urban

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I'm Terrell T. Slaughter, hip-hop/r&b music artist and music producer. I was born Jan 04, in Chicago, Illinois. I went to Southern IL. University- Carbondale-Carbondale, IL and Columbia College, Chicago, Il.,I studied and majored in music there. I was a member of a gospel singing group,"The Voices Of Inspirations". I had gained much experience within the areas of traveling/touring and recording video's, and albums. We recorded and released a gospel album,"My Gift Belong's To You". I also have been around music all my life, singing in numerous of church choirs, and taking up music in high school. In High School, I was a member of a 3 member R&B singing group called," Special Effect", which was very popular while i was in school. In the past I have gained much experience manaing a super star multi-platinum recording artist,"Lukas/Kastaneda" They was signed to the Kojo Records Group/Intervid Records-Lithuania, for them he had recorded and released over 20 albums/and been on over 20 compilation albums in his country of Lithuania. Throughout his/there music career he have received many gold and platinum albums, and had sold a combined total of over 1,000,000 + Albums.
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