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All Songs RESONANCE (with Gary Miraz) SHASTA - Sacred Mountain TRANSMISSION (with Christian Buehner)
The Crossing
#7 in New Age SongVault Certified
The Crossing
RESONANCE (with Gary Miraz)
New Age
Length: 6:01
On Network Since Jun 6, 2008
#8 in New Age SongVault Certified
SHASTA - Sacred Mountain
New Age
Length: 3:32
On Network Since Jun 6, 2008
Good Friday
#18 in New Age SongVault Certified
Good Friday
TRANSMISSION (with Christian Buehner)
New Age
Length: 4:35
On Network Since Jun 6, 2008
Suzanne Doucet
SongVault Certified Artist Suzanne Doucet

West Hollywood
California, United States

New Age / Healing

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Suzanne Doucet is a former pop star from Europe, the President & Founder of Only New Age Music, Inc. and the International New Age Music Network. She became one of the pioneers in the new age music industry in West Germany and is now recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the subject worldwide.

She has lived in the USA since 1983.She also made her mark as a composer , as an actress and a television host and was seen regularly on nationwide T.V. in Germany and Switzerland. Suzanne signed with Liberty Records in 1968 and recorded with Les Reed (Tom Jones' producer) in England. She released her first single in the US "Swan Song" (Bee Gees) and recorded "Suzanne Doucet International" an album in seven different languages.

She financed her world travels by releasing a consciousness - expanding sound collage trilogy Trip/Flip out/Meditation. on Phonogram in 1970. She returned in 1971 and continued her work in the music business. For the next ten years, she developed her own style of new age music while exploring many areas of metaphysics including astrology, music therapy, tarot, yoga and the cabbalah.

In 1983 Doucet realized her life-long dream of moving with her daughter Natascha to California. With husband James Bell, they began a grass-roots campaign of distributing Isis Music via the alternative - holistic network.They established Only New Age Music, in 1987 the world's first specialized new age music retail outlet in the world. From the moment the store opened in the trendy Melrose district, it became the local hub for aficionados and other visionary artists. Robert Redford, Sylvester Stallone, Prince, Steve Martin, Michael Nouri, William Schattner, Sonja Braga and other Stars bought regularly at Only New Age Music. Simultaneously, Doucet established the International New Age Music Network.

Her latest recordings include "Shasta - Sacred Mountain", "Tantra Zone" with Tajalli, "Resonance" with Miraz and the "Sounds of Nature Series" and "Tranquility Series" with Chuck Plaisance.
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