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suthern soulcat
suthern soulcat

On the Sma$h for my Ka$h $omewhere In
Texas, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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Suthern Soulcat
Pimp Hop Music - Silky-smooth,Funkalistic and Gangsta only when necessary and always Mackin'. Soulcat has spun together a new style, one that reverberates through neighborhoods across the country, making heads nod in unison.
Soulcat has been in the game over 15 years, a veteran performer who knows how to turn an audience on, and how to generate buzz.
His controversial early single, “Legalized Dope,” was banned by MTV, but embraced by BET and Black Music Radio, who put it into heavy rotation. The song presented a much needed positive message at a time when black communities were overwhelmed by crime and drugs.
On Dateline/NBC, Suthern Soulcat explained why the song had struck such a chord with the nation, “We’re dealing knowledge as dope in the hoods, with the same style, hussle, and ruthlessness as real drug dealers.”
The roots of Pimp Hop emerge in, “Give the People What They Want,” a remake of the Isley Brothers hit, remixed with a George Clinton Atomic Funk Dog vibe.
On a 32 city tour, Soulcat’s fresh performances held the spot light and he held his own headlining with greats such as Queen Latifa, Tupac, MC Hammer, NWA, Kwame, House of Pain, Biggie Smalls, Digital Underground, Ice Cube, and Heavy-D. His ideas continue to be used by many artists today.
He has been a guest host on Rap City, been on Pump It Up with Dee Barnes, has been featured in magazines like Source, and written for Grammy winners such as Paula Abdul and All4One, and been named songwriter of the year by BMI. His style, hooks, and lyrics have been widely imitated and repeated.
Soulcat is the consummate ghetto storyteller, sharing pain that is both common and personal: being abandoned by his father, facing a long prison sentence, trying to get out of the game and realizing he has no other viable way to keep meat on his bread.
But foremost - this is the music of a man with a lust for life, and that lust is as infectious as smoke in a small room. This music is made for head bobbin’, for snappin’ fingers, for cruising – and let’s not forget sex, because Suthern Soulcat has a way of making women feel like they are each special.No one else on the planet has a flow like this, his tracks are poppin’ and his silky purr makes women weak in the knees. Pimp Hop takes rap, throws it back and dips it in funk, injects it with soul, and then shines it up like platinum. If you're lookin for the real thing, someone who knows the game because they lived it, then you've found it: Suthern Soulcat.
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