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Susan Davenport
Susan Davenport

California, United States

Alternative Country / Contemporary Gospel

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Susan Davenport was born in Palmdale, CA. Her mother is Italian, and father is German. She has one sibling, a sister. While her immediate family has no background in music, she comes by it honestly from her grandparents and uncles. Susan’s grandfather played in a jazz band in the US Service, and then went on to play stand up base with famous jazz singer, Billie Holiday. When he had his 3 sons, and later a girl, the boys collectively made a band that played at Disneyland and many other famous areas. 2 of the uncles have made a career through the music industry.

At a young age, Susan’s mother enrolled herself, Susan, and her sister Annette in a community show choir. Standing out as a top member, Susan got the leading solo in the Christmas holiday show at the age of 9. The next spring the whole family and a friend also played the 3 blind mice and the farmers wife in a spring musical. While doing all this, Susan also was the only female member in an all boys hockey league. She also did a few gigs here and there with various artists and jazz groups. As you can see she was very active.

After her parents divorce when she was 11, Susan her Mom and Sister all moved to Burbank CA. Her father moved up north in CA where he became a correctional officer. When she thought her fun musical times were behind her, she was introduced to a competing show choir at the middle school she attended. While this was a minimal competition scene, Susan found out what big time performing and competing was when she hit high school and entered in the top competing show choir. Her group traveled across the country to many states including NY, FL, IL, and won almost every competition. On the side of this group, she also was in the performing vocal jazz group.

After her graduation in 2006 followed the most life changing time for Susan. Going from 9 hour practices of dancing and singing, to not being able to find anything like it, led her on her search for some sort of musical comfort. While attending college, she joined the vocal jazz group, and entered with a lead solo, but nothing will ever compare to the performing on stage across the country as she did previously. When friends introduced her to an upcoming rapper, he decided he needed her voice on his track, and she decided to do it with him. She has since laid down a few tracks with various talented artists.

In 2008, Susan was hired by GGAA records to record a sing titled “Crossroads” to be included in their debut compilation CD to be released December 2008.

Susan’s favorite types of music to sing are Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Classical, Broadway, Alternative, Pop, and Rock, basically anything you throw in front of her. She has sung in Italian, and Spanish, but is very versatile and can learn many things. She has a very wide range, and works well under pressure, while keeping her cool and a smile on everyone’s face.
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