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Sundial Project
Sundial Project

California, United States

Hard Rock

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"Cranky guitars? Check. Van Halen-esque drumming? Check. Vocal chops that would humiliate Daughtry? Oh yeah." This is what Inland Empire Weekly has to say about Sundial Project, a rising hard rock band from Southern California who are making their mark on crowds with electrifying performances that have fans comparing their live shows to those of substantially higher priced arena rock bands. Comprised of four members, Sundial Project's sound is drawn from rock influences such as Staind, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Godsmack, Seether, and Silverchair; though their catchy melodies and "I cant get that song out of my head" hooks give them widespread appeal.

Sundial Project began with an ending. Nick Murray and Josh Painter left “In Absence” in the summer of 2006 to create a new band with visions of the days when rock shows and albums had great songs from beginning to end. The focus was placed on creating memorable songs with each musician contributing exceptional performances. PJ Chesney and Alex Meraz shared this same goal, and were invited to complete the band.

Sundial Project are hard at work playing local shows to build momentum for their anticipated 2008 full length album release. With recent appearances on San Bernardino’s X103.9 FM, UCLA Radio, and a host of podcasts broadcasting their songs worldwide, Sundial Project are poised to spread their music to all corners of the world, one person at a time.
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