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Sue Paine
Sue Paine

Costa Mesa
California, United States

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For the past 10 years, Sue has been perfecting and performing her songs in and around Los Angeles, including headlining shows at Hollywood’s Knitting Factory and Orange County’s famous staple, The Coach House. Recently, four of her original songs were chosen for an independent film entitled “Young, Single & Angry” and the film’s soundtrack will showcase her debut album’s title track. As Sue continues performing live, she also continues to write new songs for her sophomore release. She states, “’I’m writing all the time and after finally seeing the release of my first record, and performing that material live, I’m more inspired than ever with new ideas.”

With a melodic style and original sound that’s all her own, balanced by a now fearless on-stage persona, Sue Paine is one artist to watch out for. With her first album, “Love Should Be Easy”, Sue invites you into her heart and share the energy that comes from her truthful songs and soulful lyrics.

And…the truth will always set you free.
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