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Sub-Urban Situation
Sub-Urban Situation

Kentucky, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Alternative

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SUB-URBAN SITUATION is a group of musicians that can amaze any audience who sees them perform. Consisting of seven local artists, the wide range of genres that influence all the members of the group come out in the sound of their music.

Starting out as an acoustic/electric trio consisting of a lead vocalist (Wes Neidiffer), a rhythm guitarist (Greg Tripure) and lead guitarist (Patrick Wolfe), SUB-URBAN SITUATION played laid-back, low-key shows and also had a chance to perform with and open for some of the best local and regional acts in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Two additional members of SUB-URBAN SITUATION were added soon after, Steven Johnson (Pole) and Mike Ness (Stress) are two local MC's that are in the local hip-hop group Triple Crown. Pole and Stress bring a different flavor to the group and make live shows even more interesting.

In early 2005, after little debate, SUB-URBAN SITUATION went looking for other artists around town who would "round out" the sound of the group. Vinny Flick, a local bass player for the emo-punk band FOUR jumped on board and started jamming with the group. At the same time, a long-time friend of Tripure, Gus Gesenhues, was asked to fill the drummer's role in the group.

The group's dynamic changed for the better with more energetic shows and a creative surge from all the members. The group has continued writing new material and extending their show schedule out to regional areas of the Midwest including the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Tennessee.

SUB-URBAN SITUATION released their debut cd "PARALLAX" on November 1, 2006. These talented musicians have been very honored to perform with such great national talent like Paradime, Ana Popovic, The VilleBillies, The Lab Rats, Breaking and Entering, Ripley Caine, and many other talented local groups. SUB-URBAN SITUATION looks forward to many future shows, events, and getting their music out for the world to enjoy.
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