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NJ to PA
Pennsylvania, United States

East Coast Rap / Freestyle

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StressWon aka The Last Son was born and raised in NJ. He spent time living in both the urban areas as well as the suburbs for a short time. After taking a 4 year hiatus from the mic, Stress came back in full force releasing the well received first album "Immaculate Deception" in 06. Not only are his tongue twisting rhymes hitting as a hard as ever, but the production is ahead of it's time. With up and coming beat makers and established underground producers Stress is at hist best. Tracks from NJ's own Cleverwon Productions to the Israel based producer Felix Kaplan, the variety is top notch.

Currently, Stress is working with the group he founded with Cleverwon founder, P.A,,, "Order 66" which compiles of different faces, with the core members, Benny Buku and Furious the Oracle. Also, more collabs are on the horizon with the likes of DMP, M.D.-E, Illmuzik Fam, and the two artists who are officially signed to StressWon's "Last Son Productions"...B. Grimm and Prosperity...

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