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Streatz Boi
Streatz Boi

Ohio, United States

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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Ay Streatz is a Hip-Hop Artist/Song Writer/Producer/ Performer/Hustler/Entrepreneur & the list goes on, of the numerous things he does. He was born Dec. 5th 1991 in Columbus Ohio. Earlier in his life he had no aspirations of being a musician. All of that changed when, Ay Streatz found the love for music, at the age of 14, when he and a friend in the 8th grade entered the school talent show. They both entered the talent show just for fun, and to get the ladies. He had no thought or dream of pursuing a rap career, but when he got on stage and performed in the front of the WHOLE middle school, hearing the applause and emotions of the audience insured him that he had a chance. Ay Streatz won the talent show, & that inspired him to make music and he developed a passion for making a masterpiece out of nothing. A year passes, and Ay Streatz perfects his talents as a young MC, working on his first mixtape called “On Ma Grind Vol.1”. With the release of his first mixtape, at the mere age of 15 and a freshman in high school, Ay Streatz sold his mixtape “On Ma Grind Vol.1” at school, at the mall, on the streets, EVERYWHERE, ANYWHERE he thought there was an opportunity to make money and promote his music. He got a great response for his music & the statistics show that. He would sell these mixtapes for 5$ and sold at least 300 COPIES INDEPENDENTLY. You do the math (5 x 300) that’s a 1,500 DOLLAR profit. Today Ay Streatz now 17 is on his grind continuously night & day promoting his music and perfecting his numerous talents. He feels that he is so unique from the many artists that are out now, he strives to be different and you can tell that by the way he dresses, and the productions he makes, and raps off of. He can rap on any type of production because of his lyrical capabilities. On stage, is his favorite place to be, he fuels off the crowd, which makes him drive the crowd deeper into his performance. Ay Streatz is incredibly marketable, with his charm, his swagger, and his looks, which make the ladies, love him. You can feel the passion he has for music through his voice and his creativity showcased on every song he is on, and at his young age he is destined for greatness. “If you don’t believe me, then be like Ripley’s & believe it or Not.”-Ay Streatz.
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