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Zealand, Denmark

Rock / Pop

Listen to STiFT
STiFT play rock like it was meant to be played Ė LIVE
STiFT are inspired by virtually any sort of music that sounds good
Energy, melodic music and meaningful lyrics are the most important ingredients of musical enjoyment
Image is only important for bands that are unsure of themselves (Old Chinese proverb)
It isnít easy categorising STiFTís musical genre. Letís just say that itís rock with many influences

Weíve been getting some rave reviews lately Ė NO SHIT Ė on a group-forum for thousands of unsigned bands. Read what some of the other bands have to say:

Ahh STiFT. This shit is great. Iím a huge fan of Alice Cooperís early work(Killer/Love it to death) and a lot of your music reminds me of that even the singing in a way. Great guitar work simple but driving, and I donít know if the recording is supposed to sound old like that but I donít think it would work as well if it were recorded crystal clear. I give it an 8 out of 10. Keep that shit coming.

ANIGAV (Metal/Industrial) Salem, Wisconsin

World of Plastic

Love the riff on this tune, great playing all round, catchy and to the point, rockin'!!!

The Rye (Alternative / Roots Music / Celtic) Galway, Ireland
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