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All Songs Stay A Little While
Liquor And Poker
#129 in Blues SongVault Certified
Liquor And Poker
Stay A Little While
Acoustic Blues
Length: 4:11
On Network Since Jun 5, 2011
SongVault Certified Artist STEVE SKINNER

Queensland, Australia

Acoustic Blues


Hi everyone. Welcome to “SKINNER”, If you haven’t heard any “SKINNER” before, you are about to experience a unique sound, a nice blend of Blues and Jazz, all of its very own.
Travelling Europe in Bands, “Saraband”, “Future” and “Smack Alley”, in the 70’s, playing to the American Armed Forces; he began to hone his song writing skills, turning out song after song, developing his unique style of music.
In the early 80’s Steve Skinner came to Australia, and began playing. Solo at first, then formed a trio called “Itchy Fingers,” a three acoustic guitar and vocal unit. And started playing the Brisbane /Gold Coast areas. The trio had a great local following, and is still spoken of today.
Steve Skinner then joined “The Rantan Bush Band” touring Queensland, playing up and down the coast and inland, made a Bush Dance Album and had a few t/v appearances. Playing a lot of the “Freeps” concerts in Brisbane back then.
In the late ‘80’s Steve Skinner went to NZ, and his music was received very well over there. A fan club of friends and old guitar pupils still waits for him to go there again sometime. And it was one of them who gave birth to the name of ‘Skinnerism’ as being his sound of Jazz/Blues. So………….. “SKINNERISM” was here.
Returning to Australia in the early ‘90’s “Skinner” recorded “AFTER DINNER BLUES” a very nice CD of songs that will all take you on a journey. With a Jazzy/Blues style all of its own, it captures your senses and leaves you wanting more
Steve Skinner has returned to the studio again now with a passion, and has recorded a new CD “STAY A LITTLE WHILE” available NOW
He’s already begun the next ‘Skinner’ project, and is ready, with his band, to take his music out there and tour. His music goes down very well in the local Brisbane area, and is well respected. In fact “Scorpion Blues” off of the “AFTER DINNER BLUES” CD, is number 1 in the local Brisbane Blues charts on the Reverbnation music site. And “Liquor And Poker” off of the “STAY A LITTLE WHILE” CD is number 6 in the same charts
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