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Stephen Monroe
Stephen Monroe

Nebraska, United States

Acoustic Blues / Singer/Songwriter

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A Rockin Solo Performer - Stephen Monroe is a native bread basket singer, writer and guitar player. A self-taught musician proficient on acoustic, electric, bass, lead and slide guitars, his music is a melting pot of all the great music that has graced his life: the drive of electrified blues, the passion of a heart-wrenching ballad, rock-n-roll in all its splendor, stories in a song. All these make music exciting everyday. In the age of karoke sincerity, Stephen Monroe emerges with a passion born from the power of music's past and full of the future. He plays and sings with an intensity few can maintain, and has more fun than is allowable by law in several of the United States. Stephen Monroe--a solo artist, a guitar player, a singer and writer of songs--plays for you and wants you to feel good about spending your time with him. You can trust him to give you all hes got to entertain you and wants you to leave with one thought: when can we do it again?!
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