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stephen doe
stephen doe

New Hampshire, United States

Instrumental Rock / Progressive

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The New York International Music Festival officially selected him to represent the state of New Hampshire in which he performed live at the Cutting Room to select A&R representatives. He has appeared in a range of venues from the Southern New England area (The Wolfs Den , Hounds Head, and Sylvester’s) to performances in California (The Troubador, & Gazzaris, both from West Hollywood, CA).

Sifu Stephen Doe is described as a “Genius by Virtuosity” in the February/March edition of Guitar Nine Records magazine. “His electrifying techniques used in his tempos and transitional key changes make these energetic pieces a clever gift for the trained ear”, says a fan.

At the age of 5 years old he took Classical lessons. Later he took up lessons with Mr. Keith Moreau out of Agawam, MA. In pursuing his strong interest in music he attended open classes at the Conservatory of Music in Springfield, MA. Here he took composition, advanced composition and Music Theory, Jazz, Blues and of course rock.

His current releases are “Playing With Time” (2006) and “Trial” (2003) . The new "Playing With Time" CD has 7 songs. Each song is a movement of a larger piece. On both of these CDs he plays the lead guitar, drums, bass and keyboard. Most of his songs start from a small strain of sound and a simple idea. The final pieces that you hear are created by overlays.
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