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Stealth Assassin
Stealth Assassin

Oklahoma, United States

HipHop / Rap / Adult Contemporary

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More so than any other music since the blues, hip-hop is all about stories. Those stories are both criminal minded and grand, making them enthralling and unbelievable, but also making them only as interesting and convincing as the teller. That's why, despite being unknown by the industry, without a major-label recording contract, heads still bob in Oklahoma City to the music of Stealth Assassin, the headman behind Northwest Alliance.

Stealth Assassin, aka Lucky, was born in Colorado Springs, CO and later relocated to Seattle, WA. He began rapping around 1996 honing his style. Moving to England in 1999 helped shape his versatility due to a massive exposure to various styles of music. In 2000, he started spending his money to get into big studios. “This is how I got the quality and production aspect down.”

In 2003 he found himself in Oklahoma City where he still resides today. He joined Muniklip’s label shortly thereafter. “I’ve performed in numerous shows since 04 and am no stranger to the stage or large crowds.” The highlight of his career so far has been opening up for Devin Tha Dude in Dallas back in August in 2006. His solo album, Flame On, is set to be released in March 07. Fans should expect big things from Stealth Assassin in the months to come!
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