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Soul B.
Soul B.

Lexington Park
Maryland, United States

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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Soul B. a.k.a. William A. Bowser Born 10/10/1983 is a product of the hard streets of Brooklyn N.Y.C. along with the cruel realities of Maryland life that have shaped his music over a 9 year period. "I say im the best cause nobody has proven me wrong" is not only a statement but a fact of musical life "Soul" has been living with since his arrival onto the music scene. In the early years while attending the H.S. of Art & Design in Manhattan, N.Y. he found music to be the one thing next to his affinity for art that would ease his restless soul.
--------------------------------------------------Little did he know that his immediate family where already mainstays in the N.Y.C. music scene. Ranging from D.J. ing to studio owners to even business relations with the "King of Pop" himself Micheal Jackson and his J.M.J. Music imprint. All this was alot to take in but was no help to the new and eager musician for personal events soon took him from his Brooklyn home to the greener pastures of Maryland.
Up until his time of graduation from Leonardtown H.S. he had made music his refuge and escape from the world. This along with a true honest love, devotion and passion for music as a whole brought him to his now prominent role as the premiere studio owner and artist in Maryland to work with or have work done with. Having been on radio stations as a local "sensation" in Maryland, N.Y.C., Philly and Canada along with the European market Soul is versatile as well as versed in music business. "To be honest with you im just glad that im doing what i love doing", as told to a local trade publication. Indeed from touring with acts such as B.M.E.'s Crime Mobb to T.V. shows with M.T.V. Soul has made a name for himself and his "Ill Soul Productions" brand.
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