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soul ascension
soul ascension

new britain
Connecticut, United States

Indie Rock / Hard Rock

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Eric is the founder of Soul Ascension and writes all the music and lyrics. He has been playing guitar since he was 16, and started performing in a High School jazz band. In his early years, he helped form the rock band “Xplicit.” The band’s albums were recorded locally at his uncle’s studio, Ronnie Petanovitch, who is also a local musician. Eric says jokingly, “we were scrappin our lunch money to pay for recording costs. Actually, I think we still owe my uncle some money!”

Due to internal politics, or as some would call it, a big ego, changes were made to the drums and vocals, and the band’s name was changed to “Moon Child.” Eric recalls, “Yup, along with playing lead guitar, I started screaming, writing lyrics, and the music as well. Needless to say, the band broke up shortly after their second album in 1996.

Eric continued to write music, learn new instruments, and perform at open mics. As time passed, he decided to take his new works to the listening mass. “I'm positive that my new music is the most commercial and original music you'll ever hear. That's right, commercial and original in the same sentence," says Eric.

Eric writes and plays all original songs. His first self titled album “Soul Ascension” features an interesting array of acoustic and rock industrial sounds. His most notable songs are “Willow” a light acoustic love song and “Deemonds” a drum based devilish tune with catchy lyrics. Eric often throws in a cover song at his act including an impressionable cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.”

Eric has recently recruited new band members with the release of his second "Down." He was the runner up in an online Music Nation contest with the song "Deemonds." His second album contains a new verion of "Willow," and has pushed his musical ablitlies with addicting songs like "Fly" and "Soul Trippin." Soul Ascension is currently working on a third album. Eric enjoys playing live, and loves to experiment with new musical sounds at
shows. You can view his MySpace page at
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