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Sollie Musapha
Sollie Musapha

Limpopo, South Africa

House / African

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Sollie Musapha,Aka Solo Love is a South African Musician,Singer and Songwriter born in May 15 1993.He is best known for his Hit "Tshibvuvhelo tsha Malume" which was produced by Tendy Mcfuzz in 2018.The song did well as his first single on National Radio,Being the most played on different Radio stations in 2018.He started falling inlove with music at a tender age of 10.Sollie grew up listening to Tshivenda music legends such as Daniel Luambo,The Thrilling Artists,Adziambei band and other great Legends.The Single also got him two Tshivenda Music award Nominations the verry same year.He was nominated under Best Song of the year and Best Hit single of the year,Competing with some of the big artists from Venda,such as Makhadzi and Sir Mckleker,Takalani Mudau and others.He was signed by Iswe(Interactive Solid waves Entertainment) in 2019.Sollie has worked with Sir Mckleker,Thendelo,TendyMcfuzz and others.
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