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Solace and Stable
Solace and Stable

Kansas City
Missouri, United States

Extreme Metal

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Founded in fall 2008, Solace and Stable are a 5 piece melodic progressive metal band from Kansas City, MO. S&S create a sound that is both unique, and progressively complimentary. One moment Solace will have you captured in the beauty of a lead, and the next bobbing your head to a chaotic polyrhythmic breakdown. Adaptation and The Seclusive Remedy is a challenging, yet well put together album that knows it's boundaries when it comes to moments of musicianship, and song writing.

"Kudos to Solace and Stable for producing brutal, extreme metal, with an unexpected edge of poetry and guitar work that sparkles against dark musical undertones and gutteral vocals. Musician Solace and Stable will definitely get your attention "
-Leslie, Zimms Music and Entertainment
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