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So Much to Fear
So Much to Fear

Santa Maria
California, United States

Heavy Metal / Extreme Metal

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So Much to Fear, named simply by the fact that in this world we live, there is “So Much to Fear”! Created by a random group of friends, destined to create a unique metal sound. This Central Coast Metal band from Santa Maria, California ignites introducing Front man & Bassist Rich Macke, with his thick melodic vocals and dark thundering bass, he can not be compared to anyone. Drummer Greg Santori, he is the energy that drives this band. Combine his electric personality with his rock solid tempos and you have pure excitement. John Saenz (Shoobie) lead guitarist, a man of little words. One of the most under rated quitarists around. Guitarists simply do not get any better than this. Andy Salazar rhythm guitarist, The soul of the band with fantasic rythmes and undertones. As well as a great comedian, he brings this foursome together.

So Much to Fear was born in August 2006. With live shows up and down the state of California, These guys know how to handle a stage and work their crowds into a frenzy. Early in this advernture to become a well known “Rock Band”, So Much to Fear made it a goal, to never under play any song in their set. Always playing every song as it is the best song ever written, and never cheating their ever growing number of fans.

After finishing up their recording in January of 2008 at Montecito Sound in Montecito California under Producer/Engineer Jay Ferguson, So Much to Fear released their self titled 9 song cd, with live cuts such as, All Night Long, Spawn of the Child, Fight, Things Left Unsaid, Black is the Hole, Psycho, Stubborn Streak, Talk to Me & Wont Bring Me Down.

Going back into the studio in May of 2008, the band recreated a masterful version of the Black Sabbath song Paranoid, that was released by Dark Sky Records in July of 2008. This single was also recorded at Montecito Sound under the direction of Producer/Engineer Jay Ferguson. Recently picked up by KNAC Radio in Los Angeles, Cal. and Dark Cloud Radio in Jacksonville, Florida this song is a MUST hear by everyone. Currently available on Itunes World Wide.

In addition, So Much to Fear has had Spawn of the Child picked up by Alooga Boom Radio in Germany and ILR Radio in Australia. Spawn of the Child was also released on “Underground Rising Vol.1” and Talk to Me was released on “Underground Rising Vol.2”, by Dark Sky Records.
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