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Illinois, United States

Rock / Pop

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Rock band Slowfall summons eclectic influences from diverse stylistic sources, and refuses to be pigeonholed. “Labeling is bad for music. It paints a preconceived picture,” says Slowfall. Whatever you wish to call it, you'll be wanting to play it all the time once its grooves have gotten through to your brain. Stylish and original and thick with potent hooks, compelling melodies and smart lyricism, Slowfall is just the band to dash the radio rut blues.

Escape & Unity

Slowfall is out to provide an escape for its listeners, welcoming music to help bump up one's mood or simply provide a getaway from life for a while. “Music is an escape; you can change your mood or dive deeper into it by just listening to a particular song.” Slowfall also strives to use music as a way of uniting people through song. With lush, high energy instrumentation and dynamic vocals that shift from plaintive melodicism to bristling angst, Slowfall spans a startling emotional range and always finds a vibe with which to connect to the listener. “Music brings people from different backgrounds together and helps to spread unity amongst people who would otherwise never associate.”

Pure Honesty

The trick is simple, says Slowfall. The key to making music that touches people is by drawing directly from one's own heart rather than breaking out the cookie cutters. “I believe if we do what we truly want to do and don't judge ourselves by other people's standards, then we always make honest inspiring music.” For music to inspire, it must be heartfelt and forthright, and the road to that destination lies in refusing to conform to predetermined standards. It's the secret of Slowfall's success.

No Compromise

In fact, it is strength of will and the refusal to compromise that brings inspiration for Slowfall's music. “We're inspired by people who do not compromise on the important things in their lives and who aren't afraid to stand up for what is right.” This is the message Slowfall brings to the audience and it's the classic message of rock and roll.


Slowfall is putting together national tour dates and will be hitting the road this fall. On top of this, the band is ready to crank up the creative process and continue work on the new album, “Red Handed,” slated for a May release. Slowfall is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Slowfall brings poignancy to a watered-down modern rock culture.” - A&R Select
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