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Skew Siskin
Skew Siskin

Berlin, Germany

Rock & Roll / Heavy Metal

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Hi there,
This Bio will be always updated. As soon as we have something new coming up we will tell you about it right here at the bottom of the page!!

LATEST UPDATE: May 1. 2007

A female fronted German Rock band, Berlin's SKEW SISKIN possessed huge potential when, after signing to Giant Records, the debut album received glowing reviews all over Europe. The reviews were especially excited about album track 'If The Walls Could Talk' and the quite uniquely aggressive vocal display put on by Nina C. Alice. A 1993 single of 'Livin' On The Redline' featured the JIMI HENDRIX track 'Purple Haze' as a B side cut. This rendition would be honoured by a popular vot of the US Jimi Hendrix Foundation as an "outstanding cover version".
The group toured in Germany with ACCEPT, ALICE COOPER and ANTHRAX as well as playing shows with MOTÖRHEAD.

The 2nd CD, 'Electric Chair Music', issued on the band's own Monongo imprint. It's worth noting that band fan LEMMY of MOTÖRHEAD repute, a vocal champion of the band, guests on the track 'B4' found on the 'Voices From The War' EP. The band's fanbase grew substantially during this period and both 'Electric Chair Music' and the EP 'Voices Of War' sold exceptionally well.

SKEW SISKIN's 1999 album WHAT THE HELL, saw the band gaining international popularity once more. Lemmy would get involved with the band once again, penning lyrics for two tracks 'Life's A Bitch' and 'Shoot Out Your Lights'. Nina also took time out to duet on the track 'Run' on POTHEAD's 'Burning Bridges' album.

Initially the group embarked upon a lengthy run of dates as guests to SAXON. Extended live work in Germany witnessed a headline tour in September and October 2000 with SKELETOR as support act. Nina would persevere on the road though, attending some shows of the MOTÖRHEAD tour acting as special guest vocalist for the encore song 'Born To Raise Hell'. This track had actually been originally written by Lemmy for SKEW SISKIN. Behind the scenes the band was forced to find a new label,as Cultural Minority collapsed.Lemmy and other industry icons such as ALICE COOPER and Twiggy Ramirez from the MARILYN MANSON band helped the group through this time.

During 2001 SKEW SISKIN placed Stefan Schwarzmann (RUNNING WILD, ACCEPT, U.D.O. )as their new drummer. Following a lengthy hiatus SKEW SISKIN, with a newly installed bassman , returned in September of 2002, acting as opening band for ANTHRAX and MOTÖRHEAD's UK dates. SKEW SISKIN also revealed a fourth album provisionally billed as 'Waste Your Youth' was nearing completion. Armed with a new drummer , the band was confirmed on a German support tour to MOTÖRHEAD in November 2003.

The record, backed by a promotional video of the single 'The Goddess', finally emerged billed as 'Album Of The Year' through Ulftone Records. European headline dates commencing in March of 2004 had the band on an extensive run of dates throughout Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain.

Known to be a strong supporter of the band MOTÖRHEAD's frontman Lemmy, guested with the band onstage for the first time on 5th September 2004 at the Columbiahalle in Berlin, guesting on the track 'Boogey Man'.

In the beginning of 2006 SKEW SISKIN went back into the studio to start recording a new CD with Henning Menke on bass, and drummer Randy Black.
UPDATE: Mo. April 16. 2007:

SKEW SISKIN fifth studio album, "Peace Breaker" will be released in May 2007.
The CD will feature 12 new songs and a guest appearance on guit. from Wolf Hoffmann (ACCEPT). Other people who helped us writing songs and lyrics are Lemmy and Ivan Kral ( IGGY POP, PATTI SMITH). All songs are straight hardcore Rock'n'Roll with no technical studiotricks nobody can reproduce live.

During May/June 2007 SKEW SISKIN will join forces with Motorhead for several french tour dates.
This tour will run May 21 to June 8. SKEW SISKIN's schedule is now shaping up as follows:

May 21/07 Nantes, France Zenith
May 23/07 Isetres, France L'Usine
May 24/07 Nice, France Theatre De Verdure
May 25/07 Toulouse, France Zenith
May 27/07 Lyon, France Halle Tony Garnier
May 29/07 Lille, France Zenith
May 30/07 Nancy, France Zenith
May 31/07 Dijon, France Zenith
June 3/07 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Rockhal
June 5/07 Limoges, France Zenith
June 6/07 Caen, France Zenith
June 7/07 Verviers, Belgium Spirit of 66 (no Motorhead)
June 8/07 Neuensee, Germany Rock im Wald (no Motorhead)
Aug. 3/07 Niedrum, Belgium Twilightcafe (w. Hblockx)

Update May 1,2007:

Currently the band is recording the last bits and pieces for the new thirteen-track CD. At this very moment, Nina C. Alice is doing vocals for a song called "WE'RE AN INSTITUTION (WAR FIGHTER)" and tomorrow she’ll nail her voice onto a piece called "TROUBLE SHOOTER". The other eleven titles to be announced soon.

We’ve started recording a great song from IVAN KRAL, with lyrics written by his wife Cindy Hudson (who's a great light designer, too), adding a "The Stooges" feel! Ivan was a band member of singer Patti Smith, guitarist for the one and only Iggy Pop, and he's also a truly blessed songwriter!....You’ve gotta visit his new site and find out what he's all about (you MUST!)

Nina C. Alice about the new CD:
"The name "PEACE BREAKER" fits just too well with what's going on our planet these days. Though it’s not a pure political CD, of course, it boldly tells everyone who wants to know and those who don't wanna know (but still oughta know!), what's on my mind about the mistreatment of people and all those psychopaths shooting around in real life as if in a video game. Besides all those infuriating stories about the tough reality on earth, I have again written lyrics about bold rocker feelings, like always, in my very own Ninalicious style with the help of Lemmy as my wonderful work-checker + sentence-contributor + one of the best lyric writer of all times (in my eyes) and my personal lyrics co-writer + one of my rare friends (sending kisses his way!) ! "We're so bad baby, we don't care" ! ;)."

Of course, the title "PEACE BREAKER" also depicts the vibes given off by Skew Siskin -- uneasy for certain individuals because we’re not those perfect, happy-smiling people serving the trendies with their visions, nor are we ass-kissers to people who think they’re better. We’re evil kids who’ll keep making a lot of noise for other loud, mean kids (until we diiieeee!), and those who know us will always understand, we’re having a lot of fun being the way we are. Keep it REAL but sometimes reality bites and it’s ugly...muhhaha, but Rock 'n' Roll is gonna save yer ass, baby.
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