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we just dreaming feat.Kay-Payn
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we just dreaming feat.Kay-Payn
Trip Hop
Length: 4:47
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Shelton Rakgwatlha
SongVault Certified Artist Shelton Rakgwatlha

Gauteng, South Africa

Christian HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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My name is Matome Shelton "DeeKiRapper" Rakgwatlha a rising south african star which got multi-talent, all the way from Limpopo Bolobedu(Ga-Femane) Born in 1994-October-31 In Roodepoort but raised in Limpopo Area By Two Grandparents and I started to write my own songs at the age of FIFTEEN(15) And everything that I've Become so far Is because of my hard working And i Learnt a lot from my Guardian And I even record a record that dedicated to my guardian titled "Lenkhodisije abohloko" thanking her how she taught me about life, if wasn't by her I don't know what I'd have become And While my Mother(Merriam Mmenyane Dlamini). Who is working In Johannesburg To Make A Living For Him And His Older Brothers From His Mother Side,His Mother (Merriam Mmenyane) She Was Keep On Contacting A Guardian Of Her Son So That She Can Be Able To Communicate With Her Son.

This Young Man Known As A Rapper And Started This Rap Things Since He Was Doing Grade 7(Femane Primary School) he was listening to Tupac Shakur "2pac" a lot and still do But He Never Had An Acknowledge To Showcase His Talent by lack of studio equipment he had to walk 3.8Km to another village just to record a demo but they kept on disappointing him although that never made him to stop doing what he have a heart for and When i was Doing Grade 9 In "Ramaolwane High School" With my Friends "tsholofelo Raolane Stage Name(PlayBoy),"Raymond Chauke Stage Name(R-Chau-chau)and "thabang Lebea Stage Name(Manzhoro) people started to notice us but not supporting what they were doing and they were just Freestyling and Battle during school Lesson(When There's No Teacher In A Class) eish we even bunked school just to go home and do a rehearsal sad thing is we never performed in Our School [Ramaolwane High]...When time goes on we Formed A Crew Called B.B.M.R(Bolobed Brown Money Rappers) And Later On That Crew Started To Fall Apart Because Of Rumors,Among Four Members They Were Only Two Members Of Whom Were PlayBoy and DeeKidRapper They Kept On Doing What They Enjoy And Love, Few Weeks After Thee Other Memebers Left Then Also PlayBoy He Decided To quit Being A Part Of The Crew Because His Family Didn't Like What They Were Doing And Thabang Manzhoro Decided To Make His First Collabo With me & Owen[Oow-Boy] From Ga-Mokwakwaila.

DeeKidRapper left all alone In The Crew After All Members Chose Their Path.. While I was alone doing what I've Have Passion for People started To BadMouth me saying that I'm wasting my time that I should just Quit Like my former members,Because now I'm by myself And I Didn't Loose Hope Because what I Believe that good things comes to those who hustle not wait and i also added that "My GrandMa Told Me That SHE NEVER RAISED A QUITTER" that's what kept me going,so That's the reason why i never Gave Up On What I Love And Have Passion On.
When time goes by they noticed that i knew what I've been doing And they started to support my Music by that time and sad thing didn't have a Phone/Computer Where i can be able to put my Music Inside But Only Inside CDs And other people started to ask me to come to perform on Birthday Parties,Wedding Ceremonies,Occasion Of Politics Meetings Getting Paid Only R70 of which then was enough for me and I was Performing everywhere i get a chance to Sometimes I was performing for free just to make a name for myself That's What Called PROMOTING Or MARKETING MY NAME

2012 Is Where i meet my Life CHANGER & MENTOR Guy called Monyepao Junior Rasekgwalo which he's a famous Deejay Around Bolobedu Known As "Deejay-Cry" He Took me to different places wherever he Hosting Gigs/Bash I was so happy to have someone who believe In me when no one else, Deejay-Cry" Became my Mentor from then even now... I Performed different places all around South Africa such as "Peter Mokaba Stadium,Giyani Stadium,Mokwakwaila Stadium,Phalaborwa Stadium,Savoy Hotel in Roodepoort,Itshoseng Hall In North West, Cape town(Gugulethu) x4 And Tembisa(Mayibuye) just name few...i was also been featured on a local news Paper[Capricon Voice In November 06-2015] written all about my good Hardwork and even got my first radio interview in Krugersdorp "Mogale FM" I have dropped my second EP(Extanded Play) Title "Lenkhodisije Abohloko" This year(2016) in March And I'm currently working on an Album Titled "Life Of Your Dad" This one dedicated to my son "Junior(4years old) I'm a Teen-Dad Lol on this album is where I'm talking about my life Experience is like a diary that I wrote for my son so that when he grew up he must know that what kind of a Man his Dad was when he was still young. On this album i believe and know that it will open doors for me as a Khelo-Rap Artist.. I've work with lot of musician all across south africa Likes of "Kay-Payn(From Limpopo),illVerse(from Cape town Gugulethu), Djskills(from North west) and MironAtion(from Lesotho)
Shelton Matome "DeeKidRapper" Completed his Matric in 2013 and Moved To Johannesburg For The Hustles And Tertiary studies I did sound engineering at college "Revolution Media Academy" due to financial matters I didn't do my diploma but I want to go back so that I can have something to show that I'm qualified with something and I've open stage the likes "Da L.E.S, Dj Tira & Khuli Chana..
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