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#441 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:13
On Network Since May 20, 2012
Sean D
SongVault Certified Artist Sean D

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

HipHop / Rap / Soul

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SEAN D is a Soulful Hip-Hop Artist,Consultant,Show Organiser, Event Management Personnel (ROGUE ENT. BYO) from the city of kings (Bulawayo)......and he wanna be the whole Earth Big and make his life a movie for people to watch on the internet and the music he make. Make people relate "my music with what they are facing in their ey'day lives.I'm so passionate about music,business minded,and love what he does so thats why he puts all his time and energy in doing music"...And is going to make his city known all over the world as City of Kings like it is............ "I'm the Voice for the Voiceless" said SEAN D "in other words the No man"........My Music is Entrepreneur Music coz i'm a young 2012 D-G-V Radio Top 5 Rap Charts winner and is making headlines on websites such as Fusion FM, Jango Airplay,Power FM (National radio station) with his single Higher ft a young 12 year old talented girl called Anna,with 71 downloads on the 1st day of release and 611 plays on Amini website, this has created a big fan base not just from local hip-hop lovers but internationally. Was the March Bingo website Front Cover for their site, is making headlines not just on the Internet but on local newspaper in Zimbabwe.....He's grooming up a RAP crew (GYMO get -your-money-on, composed of 3 girls thats T-Punk, Camzie and Shazz Candy and something thats going to Change the face of hip-hop in Zimbabwe......more details coming soon....
He is releasing his first Mixtape Soon!!!
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