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sds dsd
sds dsd

Alaska, Australia

Cajun / Zydeco / Chicago Blues

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Good service ejuice filling machine with orange
RCGF series filling machine integrates washing, filling and screw capping. The automatic fruit juice packaging machine /juice bottling machine equipment is used in hot filling and sealing of green tea, black tea, wu-long tea and fruit juice drink. the whole machine photoelectrically detects the operation status of each part. No bottles are not available. Filling, no bottle without cover, high degree of automation, easy operation, wear, stability, low failure rate and other characteristics, product quality in the forefront of the industry, is the best choice for new and old beverage investors.
Who are we?
What we do?

Why trust us?
Before Sales
1. Answer your any question on us with in 24 hours.
2. Supply all information you required.
3. Machines video for reference.
4. Welcome to visit factory.
After Sales
1. Update production progress each week.
2. Sending machines pictures on production.
3. Machines testing running over 8 hours, and sending testing videos.
4. Engineer arranged to install machines.
5. Spare Parts provided.China Drinking Filling Machine factory
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