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Sarah Burgess
Sarah Burgess

Beaver Falls
Pennsylvania, United States

Pop / Dance Pop

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To move an audience. That's the highest praise given to any artist.

At a time when music is becoming more plastic, more contrived, and less about the soul, music fans are desperate for the feeling to return to pop music. American Idol has finally given us Sarah Burgess.

Since her humble beginnings, she's been destined for stardom. It started to become evident once she sang lead in "Leader of the Pack" in High School and was elected Choir President. Study to hone her craft followed at Henry Mancini Arts Academy, leading to dozens of public appearances at sporting events and local venues. But that would only add fuel to her fire.

After winning 2005's Jillian Karaoke Star, it was on in 2006 to win Ohio's Karaoke Idol. Enough for some artists, but not Sarah. Her big public break came in late 2006, when she attained a lofty position - receiver of The Golden Ticket. Charlie Bucket would be jealous indeed, as this ticket is not based on luck - it's based on talent. Sarah was one of 173 contestants, out of a pool of over 120,000, to be selected to go to Hollywood and compete in Fox's American Idol.

Now there was a movement afoot. Sarah had made a connection with the American public with her story of determination in the face of resistance from those not as convinced. After an emotional audition and tearful aftermath, even Grammy winner and Songwriter's Hall of Fame member Carol Bayer Sager said Sarah had moved her. But more was to come. In the weeks and months that followed, Sarah was interviewed on over 100 radio stations and a dozen TV stations nationwide to relate her resonant story. Her MySpace page began to explode. The audience was connecting.

Now that a bond is being forged between Sarah and the music-loving public, the phenomenon is taking shape. In truth, the buzz surrounding Sarah is probably as much a testament to the public's keen emotional perception as it is to her personal drive as a musician to connect on the most intimate level possible - that of an Artist. The public knows her, just as they know themselves. When she performs, they fall in love. That's because they see her giving life her all the same way they do. And they know that she's felt what they feel.

Not content with just one genre, Sarah attacks Pop, Rock, R&B and Jazz, with a fierceness usually reserved for people's innermost thoughts. That's how people connect with her. They can't help it!
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