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Sapna Rawat
Sapna Rawat

Georgia, India

Post-Punk / Blues

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I'm Sapna Rawat. I'm in my Early Twenties, in excellent shape, Great Body, with a pretty face! (I'm sure you'll be pleased.), an Independent Escort in Mumbai. I stand just about 5'4" when I’m not in heels. I have soft fair skin, with a sexy, very womanly body! . I am truly a girly-girl in every sense of the word!
I am very much a lady the best Mumbai Escorts you can ever meet. In public I will greet you wearing a suit or tasteful dress. Behind closed doors I will surprise you w/one of my many nice lingerie ensembles! :) I love to flirt! I think a good flirt is healthy and makes people feel good. A sexy eyelash wink or a genuine smile over the shoulder is priceless!
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