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New Mexico, United States

Rock / Rock & Roll

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Sansietch means “without refuge in times of trouble.” It may be the life story of this charismatic artist. Originally from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, Sansietch began playing guitar over 25 years ago.

He spent his teenage years in Los Angeles playing with rock and metal bands in Hollywood at clubs like The Roxy and The Troubadour, and on the west side at clubs such as Hop Sing's and Madame Wong's.

Sansietch started as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, but it wasn't long before the guitar became his instrument of choice. He formed his own bands then, and wrote all the material.

Years of home studio recording have documented most of this early material. He has written and recorded 9 albums to date. Today, Sansietch produces albums for multiple artists, as well as his own. He plays any and all guitars, bass, keyboard, drums, and harmonica. He teaches guitar, bass, drums and music theory.

A successful attempt to get out of the city brought him to Clovis, where he lives on a farm with his wife, Luhanna and their three children, Pamela, Samuel and Norma Jean.

His guitar playing is masterful. The instrumental CD, Off The Cuff is tribute to his skill and creativity. But his songwriting may be his most lasting contribution to the arts. He's written hundreds of songs in almost every popular genre.

The wit and wisdom in his lyrics can be found in the release of his lyric poetry book, Fields of Glory. His years of experience in the music business led him to write the non-fiction book, An Independent Artist's Manual. And he also has fiction novels available.

Sansietch maintains an active web presence, and his official website, is the source for his rock music, while is the place to go for acoustic offerings. His CDs and books are available there, as well as via, along with digital downloads and digital albums.
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